Foot and Ankles Exercises

Linda Canning

May 28, 2019

Here's some exercises to improve your foot mobility, strength and proprioception. 

The picture above shows me wearing socks that help to prevent blisters when running, but also help to make you feel more 'grounded' while going about your day. The spikey squishy ball can be used to massage the sole of your foot to ease out any tension.

Exercises in the clip below:

  • Short foot: Really good for strengthening the arches. Note I'm not curling my toes under, but dragging them and my forefoot to my heel.
  • Toe Adduction and Abduction: This is, I've found, so difficult for many of my patients. At the end of the clip, I show you how you can practice at first by placing the big toe in position, hold, and repeat until you can manage it. It'll come! Be gentle if you have arthritic changes in the big toe joints.
  • Splay those toes! Broaden the feet and you've got a wide base of support for the rest of your body to spring from.
  • Ankle inversion and eversion (rolling out and in from the ankle) Let the toes flow at first, then try and keep them on the ground. Let go of any tension. Keep your knees still! It's a challenge if you've stiff ankles, but works a treat to loosen. 
image of lady's feet, she is splaying her toes

Try on different surfaces; standing or sitting. 

These are great for rebalancing the foot after injury, or a chronic strain like plantar fasciitis, or just to free them off after a long run. But strength doesn't just happen at the foot. You need strong and stable, supportive hips in order for the foot and knee to function properly. 

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