Knee Pain – Let’s Solve It!

Knee Pain - We Can Help

Do you have achey knees? Do they feel stiff after you’ve sat down for a while? Or maybe every time you start to progress with your running, your knee flares up AGAIN? This can often go on for a long time with periods of feeling good, then out of nowhere your knee feels sore again.
You are not alone – this is a common problem that people from different backgrounds experience.
⦁ 28-30% of running injuries are knee-related (Taunton et al. 2002)
⦁ 27% of adolescent female injuries involve knee pain (Hall et al. 2014)
⦁ Up to 25.1% of those above 56 years old can experience knee pain (Turkiewicz et al. 2015)

So what can we do?

At Bearsden Osteopaths we are trained to assess, diagnose, and treat all kinds of knee pain. This is personalised to you as everybody is different; everybody has their own story to tell as to how they got to where they are now. 
All appointments include:
⦁ Case history questioning
⦁ A physical examination
⦁ An explanation of your condition and how you got there
⦁ Hands-on treatment and specific exercises aimed at getting you back to work/ your sport ASAP

I'm updating this page with information. Come back again some for more advice, or call to make an appointment.