Pain In The Neck?

Linda Canning

October 21, 2019

Have you got pain in the neck? We can help! There are so many reasons for your neck pain to arise and can come in many forms. We listen to your story as everything from your past is relevant, do a few tests and then we diagnose your pain and form a plan of action.

Common symptoms and referred symptoms

Symptoms may include pain in the neck, which may also radiate down to the shoulder blade and maybe even cause pain down the arm. This can be referred pain or a sign that a nerve is pinched somewhere. Your neck might be very stiff generally, or particularly restricted to one side. For example, you might be having difficulty looking over your shoulder whilst parking the car.

You might not even feel pain in the neck! You might have pain in the shoulder region which is rediating from the neck. We diagnose the tissue causing the symptoms by testing your movements and performing other orthopaedic tests.

Your neck pain may even be causing you headaches. We call them ‘cervicogenic’ headaches. The neck part of the spine is called the cervical spine.

If you clench or grind your teeth, this might well be causing your neck pain. You might even be troubled with sinus's all linked.

Your neck pain can be caused by a muscle imbalance around the shoulder blade. This is very often the case. It could be due to your repetitive posture (do you have a desk job?), stress, tension, general lack of mobility and strength. It could be from an old whiplash injury. There’s loads of possibilities, but we can almost always help.


Wear & Tear

You may have been told you have ‘wear and tear’, or been diagnosed with ‘spondylitis’ which basically means inflammation of the spinal joints in the neck. This can come and go and is often related to degenerative changes, which are normal. Spondylosis is the normal thinning of discs as we age. This means our spinal joints get a little closer together and can become irritated easily. This can improve greatly with osteopathic treatment coupled with exercises to gently stretch and strengthen the neck. We can advise you on all of this too.

Lady receiving cranial osteopathy for sinus pain
Silhouette of a female holding her head in pain with beautiful sunset in background
Massage therapist pinching the upper trapezius muscle of the posterior view of a muscular topless man

How We Want to Help You

What we do as Osteopaths

  • We create an environment for the body to heal itself.
  • Unstick the stuck bits with massage, mobilisations and if all boxes are ticked on our checklist of criteria, we might manipulate too.
  • Find the trigger points where your pain is coming from and ease them away.
  • Mobilise (waggle) tissues and joints to get the blood flowing freely and to sweep the inflammation away.
  • Calm the nervous system to reduce your pain. The aim is to make you feel better, quickly.
  • We offer rehabilitation exercises and postural advice too. 

Still unsure? To put in simple terms: we could be described a bit of a mix of physiotherapist, chiropractor with the magic of osteopath rolled into one. We do it all but do it differently.

You’re completely safe in our hands.  

If we decide manipulation would be beneficial for you, we always gain your consent beforehand and ensure you understand the technique first. No surprises.

If you would like to chat more about how we can help you, please call us on 0141 942 0629 or email