Say NO to running injuries!

To prevent running injuries not only do you need a good 'listening' foot, meaning a foot that is mobile but that also reacts to the ground force against it. You need the right amount of mobility in every joint. You also need elasticity in your tissues to create and transmit the energy to propel you along efficiently. If there is any restriction in the body, whether that is a lack of trunk rotation, or limited hip extension then something has to compensate and that is when injuries occur.

When you next go for a run;

  • Encourage a little more spring in your step
  • Allow a little more rotation of your ribcage
  • Ask your tummy to relax.

If you are constantly getting injured but want to continue running, contact Linda. She can watch you run and assess your movement efficiency. She can perhaps use a little bit of osteopathy magic to unwind any tight tissues that are holding you back too.

image of male legs running on a road
Man running up outdoor stairs
two men trail running up a rocky path