What to Expect from Bearsden Osteopaths.


Your First Visit

During your first visit for Osteopathy we will take a thorough case history to include information about the present complaint/condition and also a background medical history. We will take the time to listen and we will ask questions to help us formulate our diagnosis.

We will then assess the site of pain, your general posture and mobility. As with any medical examination, this may require you to remove some outer items of clothing. Many patients are happy to dress down to their underwear – this makes examination of the whole body much easier, but if you are not comfortable with this just bring either shorts or a soft pair of trousers, and for ladies, please bring a vest top. Please feel free to bring a friend or a relative along with you. If required, specialised examinations for example reflexes and taking your blood pressure may also be performed.

Treatments Tailored Specifically to You

Treatments are then tailored specifically to you as an individual. We use a wide range of techniques: soft tissue massage, stretches, joint mobilisation and manipulation (where sometimes you can hear a ‘click’). All of these techniques aim to restore normal function of the body, improve the range of movement of the area, reducing inflammation, releasing tension and reducing pain. We are also trained in the use of Medical Acupuncture where appropriate. We shall discuss the use of any particular form of treatment with you before we commence to ensure you are fully informed of and comfortable with our treatment plan.

We also discuss the benefits of exercises to rehabilitate the injury e.g. stretches, improvement of posture and movement in your workplace, sport, and everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Please visit our Contact Us page to make an appointment by phone, email or online booking. If you have any questions or queries regarding your appointment, or would just like to talk to us first to see if we can help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We welcome general enquiries by phone, email or via the online form on the Contact Us page.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No. Osteopaths are fully trained to identify symptoms that are not mechanical in nature and will tell you if you need to be examined by your General Practitioner. Some health insurance companies may however require a doctor's referral for osteopathy, if you would like to use your health insurance please check this with your provider.

Can I pay with credit or debit card?

Yes. All major credit/debit cards accepted (not American Express). 

Do you have disabled access?

No. There are 22 stairs up to the clinic (11 steps, small landing, then 11 steps - tenement building style). If you require any help getting up the stairs let us know when booking your appointment.

Is the treatment painful?

Some forms of soft tissue treatment may cause a little discomfort, and you may feel a bit stiff and sore after a treatment for 24 hours, similar to what you would experience after exercise. This is a normal, healthy response. We will always tell you what to expect before we commence, any treatment technique is always with done with your consent. We treat everyone as an individual and if you are uncomfortable with the proposed technique, or during a treatment you are in too much discomfort please tell your osteopath and we will discuss alternative techniques that may be more suitable for you at that time. We will also give you advice on what you can do at home to help reduce any post-treatment discomfort.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on your condition, the nature of the injury, how long you have had it and how you respond to treatment. A new injury sustained in the last week will typically need fewer treatments than the same injury which has been left untreated for weeks or months, so seek treatment at your earliest opportunity. We will never prescribe a set amount of treatments but will usually be able to estimate your recovery time within your first few sessions.

Can you help with Arthritic pain?

With arthritic joint pain i.e. from “wear and tear” and/or osteoarthritis (OA) treatment is more a case of management, pain reduction and improvement of quality of movement as opposed to 100% resolution of symptoms, there is no “cure” for OA at this time. Many patients respond well to an initial short course of weekly treatments to bring their symptoms down a level, and may wish to return at less frequent intervals to maintain this. Again we would never prescribe this in advance but discuss it with you once we judge how you have responded so far. We will always give you exercise advice so you can manage your symptoms at home between appointments, and if we feel we cannot help or a surgical opinion is required we will refer you to your GP.