Why choose an Osteopath?

Linda Canning

January 2, 2020

Why choose an Osteopath over any other therapist?

Well, like any other manual therapist we can help you manage your pain. We use an array of techniques to make you feel better, to reduce your pain. We give you advice on how to manage your pain, how to heal and how to prevent it.

At Bearsden Osteopaths we offer, as standard, 40 minutes appointments. I think this is really important as it gives us (you, the patient and us, the practitioner) to make a real difference to your tissues that are causing you the symptoms.

But what do we actually do that's different?

Nothing. We use massage, mobilisations, manipulations, stretches, muscle energy techniques, cranio-sacral techniques. We can do it all, we do it mindfully, with care and attention, we get to the right spot, we do whatever you need to make you, the whole person, feel better, quickly.

Every osteopath you see (as with any practitioner) are all different. We have our own unique approach, which is great because every person it different - you'll always find an osteopath who can help you.

So if you've not tried us, give us a go! If you have already felt the benefit of visiting our clinic, please do share your experience and tell us why you choose osteopathy over and above anything else.